In November of 2022, yoyofriends released the first ever damascus steel plus titanium rimmed yoyo. It has received positive feedback and success. We want to thank you guys for all the support so we can keep experimenting with new materials and manufacturing possibilities When we made damascus steel with titanium rims, it cost us a lot to source the material needed to create this project, we especially had trouble finding metal rods over 50mm in diameter to make the yoyo. We made the decision to add a ring to make it a full size bimetal yoyo instead of making an undersized yoyo for our fans. ...

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  Throughout the seven plus years of yoyofriends, we have always had an idea of an injection mold, polycarbonate yoyo in our mind. This is a monumental task for us as an injection mold has a massive upfront cost. If the design is not up to standard then the entire injection mold could be void, costing us 5000 USD or more in loss. We also have a pedigree of high performing yoyos no matter the shape, material, and cost in our entire lineup, and we still want to keep that tradition alive even if it is an injection mold yoyo....

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