The Story Of Pheasant Monometal

The Story Of Pheasant Monometal



Here are the details of Pheasant Monometal:
Weight: 65.6 grams
Material: 7068 Aluminum
Diameter: 56.18 mm
Width: 45.86 mm
Gap width: 4.43 mm
Axle: M4*8 mm
Bearing: Center Track
Pads: 19.2*14.2*1.2mm
Price: 48USD and 50USD

The box contains:
1 x yoyo
1 pairs x pads
1 x string
1 x Pheasant Monometal sticker
1 x yoyofriends sticker


yoyofriends Pheasant Monometal

Bimetal has been the bread and butter for yoyofriends throughout the years. In 2023 we want to create a stand out monometal for yoyofriends, proving that we can recreate the same magic just like our bimetals. 

To tackle this idea, we have to understand the essence of mono metal vs bimetal. Monometal is not about all out performance, that has been taken over my bimetal with its crazier weight distribution, so instead of trying to mimic our insane performance driven bimetal lineup like before, we took a different approach by highlighting flow and individuality of the yoyo. 

yoyofriends Pheasant Monometal

Pheasant prototype one design came to mind, it has all the cuts, and stages to make the yoyo stand out in play, so we implemented that idea in a monometal form for the first prototype. We also didn't forget about performance, to maximize that, we up the weight of the yoyo dramatically compared to its bimetal counterpart. Just like what we learned in our previous monometal shortcut, more weight is great when it's balanced, still keeping that acceleration and speed while adding on stability and power. The result is incredible. The entire yoyofriends team loved how the yoyo felt and performed at the same time. However it is not perfect yet as we discovered the gap width is pretty loose, so for the prototype 2 we decreased the gap width from 4.45mm to 4.43mm. 

Pheasant monometal also ran into the same problem as the original Pheasant, very high b grade rate. We solved it by implementing the same revised cup on the pheasant 2023 by raising the hub by 0.4mm. The result is even more incredible, adding more flow and characteristic to the yoyo while having a high yield rate. The yoyofriends team really like the feel of the pheasant monometal, some of the team members are switching to it for everyday carry and even competition. We managed to perfectly blend feel and performance, western and eastern design ideology into one yoyo. We finally have our standout monometal yoyo! 

To double check our work, we made some pheasant monometal to give out to our loyal fans as a Christmas and New years gift. Not only thanking them for the support but also analyzing some of the feedback on the yoyo. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from them and we are now 100% sure this will be the final and production version of the monometal pheasant. 

One of our players who really loved the Pheasant is Sofi Tůmová. It is her favorite yoyo period. Sofi helped promote yoyofriends in Czech Republic and the rest of Europe a lot and spreads positivity not just within the yoyofriends team, but also in the yoyo community. We present her signature color edition in this Pheasant monometal. 

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