The Story of Paragraph

The Story of Paragraph

Introducing the Paragraph, the signature of Malte Voss. Malte has been yoyoing for over 14 years with two German National titles, so he has a lot of experience on what he would like in a yoyo.

A lot of thought has gone through Malte's mind on what he wants in a yoyo. First he wants the yoyo to be contest ready. This aligns perfectly with our philosophy of making yoyos with high performance. Second, he wants the yoyo to be good at the trick DNA, Malte has been in the tiktok game for the past years to promote yoyoing in the EU. One of the most viewed and engaged tricks is the DNA. Third, he wants the yoyo to be affordable, he wants to reach the upcoming and younger yoyoers with a friendly budget. He remembers how hard it is for him to get a good, solid competition set of three yoyos within a budget in his early yoyoing career, so he wishes to make that set happen to anyone at the price of around 100 Euros or US dollars.

To tackle this project first we looked at characteristics of Malte's favorite yoyos, and we found out he likes yoyos that are predominantly W shaped with large rims. One of his favorite yoyos is also the Vulture. which has elements of H shape in it as well. From this information we decided to have a form of a hybrid shape that has both elements of H and W with large rims for power and performance. For the material, we picked 6061 aluminum to make this yoyo affordable and accessible to the younger generation of yoyoers. To tackle the DNA, we decided to implement a fingerspin hub. This is quite challenging as this pushes the weight of the yoyo away from the center hub and affects the acceleration and maneuverability of a yoyo, we counteracted with a slightly more pronounced H shape and massive rim weight to overpower the feeling with rim weight. The prototype one has arrived.

After testing the prototype one from Malte , multiple yoyofriends players and reviewers, we found out the hybrid W and H shape is excellent, giving the yoyo plenty of momentum and power. However the fingerspin cup is not very easy to lock in and even when locked in, the yoyo vibrates for most of the players here. The rim of the yoyo is a little bit sharp and Malte also wants to make the catch zone slightly wider for even more ease of use in competition. For proto 2 we made the fingerspin cup even deeper, to the limit of 6061 aluminum tolerance, rounded out the rims and widened the catch zone.

The prototype 2 came out with even better performance and ease of use, it can power through high stress and long combos with ease. It also feels a lot nicer to catch on the hand due to the rounded out rims. We also found out a new problem with the response area after hours of rigorous testing by our players, the string will catch on the outer part of the response area of the yoyo with a less accurate string hit. The fingerspin sadly is still not up to our expectations, so we thought of alot of options, like making the axle even shorter, having a hole in the middle of the cup, shifting the rim weight into the wall to force a deeper cup etc. After discussion with Malte and the team, we ditched all these ideas because it affects the performance of the yoyo, ease of use for our customers and the durability of the yoyo itself. We finally decided to push the fingerspin even slightly deeper and completely redesign the fingerspin cup, absolutely pushing the limit of the 6061 aluminum and our manufacturing ability.

The prototype 3 is here! This time Malte is content with the fingerspin capability, we finally struck a balance between the two opposite sides of the equation. The response is also now fixed. We proceeded to test this yoyo for a long time to fine tune the weight for production. After discussion we decided to lower the weight by 0.2g for slightly better maneuverability especially when doing horizontal tricks on the production run.

Malte decided to name the yoyo paragraph because the paragraph symbol (also the section sign in English) in his language (German) looks like the trick DNA. This symbol is often used when referring to a specific section of a legal code, or reference a specific paragraph within a section of a document. The name connects to Malte's life outside of yoyoing as he is an auditor.

We hope you enjoy the paragraph, an affordable yoyo that balances performance and DNA capability.

Here are the details of Paragraph:
Material: 6061AL
Dia: 55.34mm
Wid: 45mm
Gap: 4.44mm
Weight: 65.6g
Axle: M4*8mm
Bearing: Center Track
Price: $29.99-$33.99

The box contains:
1 x yoyo
1 pairs x pads
1 x string
1 x Paragraph sticker
1 x yoyofriends sticker
1 x Boxes

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