The Story of Crosscut

The Story of Crosscut

For the most part of 2023, yoyofriends wants to release a titanium model. We want to be different from Ti Sunbird (classic V shape)  and Ti Koi (classic O shape) in design language. We want to release a type of H shaped titanium. The main advantage of H shape is superior stability and control.

 To tackle this project we got inspired by the shortcut, a hybrid H/W shaped monometal that is very popular among the yoyo community.


The shortcut is famous for its 6 even cuts along the profile of the yoyo, definitely giving it a striking look. 

When we are translating the shortcut into titanium, our player Tony Sung suggested we can try keeping these cuts on the titanium model as well. However after many discussions, we think we want to change the profile alittle to give the yoyo a different feel and possibly enhance its playing properties by incorporating more H shape into the yoyo. 


 We are familiar with H shape, 2 classic H shape examples in yoyofriends lineup are the Vulture and the Tachyon, both bring massive stability and controllability to the table. 

Here we got inspired by the vulture and simplified the cut from 3 on the inside profile to 2, similar to the vulture while still keeping the massive shortcut like rim, making it a hybrid of H and W shape. This even further enhances the yoyo's stability due to its slightly shifted weight distribution. 

 After multiple prototypes we found that the 2 cut and slightly more H shape on the inner profile indeed enhances stability and we picked that as our production model.  We did not drastically lower the weight of the yoyo from 6061 to titanium knowing the new design already has more stability, we want to double down on power, stability and control in all aspects. 

The yoyo was released as the mystery Ti yoyo in the black friday mystery box with great feedback, praising its power, stability and controllability. 

 As for the naming, the team had a very hard time as it was already hard to name the papercut, we have to find another name that is suited while having some sort of connection to the shortcut. Crosscut came into mind finally and we all liked the name. 


We hope you enjoy the crosscut, our heavy hitter titanium model.


The Crosscut will drop Sat, Feb 17th, 2024 8 PM EST worldwide!


Weight :65.75g
Bearing:Better quality concave bearing


The packing contains

1 x Crosscut
1 pairs x pads
1 x string
1 x Crosscut sticker
1 x yoyofriends sticker

1x yoyofriends X FPM sticker

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