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An undersized performance titanium yoyo for everyday carry. We started this project to highlight the full body titanium feel on a yoyo while having affordability. We also used the newest anodizing technology to bring all new colorways into titanium yoyos. After almost a year of prototyping and collaboration, the result is a full undersized titanium yoyo that's colorful, affordable and high performance.

Weight: 60.95 grams
Material: Titanium TA 2
Diameter: 44.50mm
Width: 39.00mm
Gap width: 4.47mm
Axle: M4*8mm
Bearing: Center Track
Pads: 19.2*14.2*1.2mm

TiNY Content:

1 x yoyofriends real leather pocket bag
1x TiNY sticker
1X TiNY package box
1X pairs yoyo pads
1x string