Peregrine Rev. 1

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Introducing the Peregrine Rev. 1, first revision of the peregrine. We have significantly tweaked the weight distribution of the yoyo. The SS rim has a weight increase of over 30% (making it the heaviest SS ring weight in yoyofriends history), while the overall weight only increased by around 1g. The result is a massive increase in power and stability. The Peregrine Rev. 1 is a power house in the yoyofriends lineup while keeping some of peregrine's classic feature like maneuverability. 

Weight:  64.6 g
Material:  7068+SS
Diameter:  55.33 mm
Width:  45.99 mm
Gap width:  4.42 mm
Axle:  M4*8 mm
Pads:  19.2*14.2*1.2 mm
Bearing:  Center Track