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We continue to explore, and master the design and usage of different types of materials. Establishing a foundation for us for our future releases with more options on materials. We choose the SS Koi to be our first ever full stainless steel yoyo. Stainless steel has a very high density, surpassing aluminum and even titanium. Making a full stainless steel yoyo requires very thin walls and very precise manufacturing. We decided to utilize the design of Koi for its organic shape and its use case even when it's slightly undersized due to the nature of stainless steel.

SS KOI yoyo became our first ever D-bearing yoyo. The D bearing is smaller than the standard C bearing, increasing the power and spin speed of the yoyo, which solidifies the performance of the SS koi and our performance-driven culture. SS Koi feels powerful, stable, yet flowy, organic and undersized, perfectly blending performance, fun, and specialty.

Here are the specs of SS KOI:

Weight 64.65grams   
Material Stainless Steel
Diameter 52mm
Width 42.84mm
Gap width 4.47mm
Axle M4*10mm
Pads 19*13*1.2mm
Bearing D bearing


Box contains:

1 x yoyo

2 pairs x pads

1 x string

1 x KOI sticker

1 x yoyofriends sticker

1 x white box

1 flat bearing and 1 concave bearing

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