Philip's Signature Overclock

  • セール
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  • 残り9個

The Overclock is the signature of yoyofriends team leader, Yiyang Wang. Overclock features a L-shaped inner ring going in both vertical and horizontal directions, giving the yoyo a unique feeling of power. The V and H shape hybrid makes the yoyo both powerful and speedy despite its weight. We wish you enjoy overclock, years of design accumulation from Yiyang and the yoyofriends team to go beyond the standard. 

Material 7068 aluminum + SS
Weight 65.8 g
Diameter 55.47 mm
Width 47mm
Gap width 4.52 mm
Axle M4*10 mm
Bearing Concave Bearing
Pads 19.2*14.2*1.2 mm