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Gyrfalcon is the ultimate MgSS experience from yoyofriends, based on the Peregrine and Peregrine Rev. 1. Gyrfalcon is the enhanced version of those utilizing more mordern design language and magnesium as the body material. Gyrfalcon focuses on more catchability, power, and zoning to handle the evolution in yoyo style and trickset. The gyrfalcon bundle is pinnacle of collectablity and playability.

PS:Pls note that the surface of black gyrfalcon have  small flaw.

Weight: 64.4g
Material: Magnesium w stainless w AL
Diameter: 56.15mm
Width: 46.97mm
Gap width: 4.48mm
Axle: M4*10mm
Pads: 19.2*14.2*1.2mm
Bearing: NSK bearing

The packing contains:

1 x Gyrfalcon
1 x 1st prototype with Side effect
1 pairs x pads
1 x string
1 x Gyrfalcon sticker
1 x yoyofriends sticker
1 x Certificate
1 x Genuine leather bag

PS:For the MgSS with side effect addon yoyo, we will prioritize the quality of the surface first. We do not gurantee the quality, vibe nor performance.