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  • 通常価格 $45.00

Graviton series is back with more affordable price! Introducing, the Graviton: Y! The 7068 monometal version of graviton, it has the exactly same size and trapeze width as the original graviton so Tony could feel comfortable to play on the stage. Although it is a monometal, it still got the power and extra floaty feelings. An amazing yoyo for big and risky trick shots. It is also built to stand more abuse like risky 5A tricks and more. Tony hopes everyone to explore a new side of yoyoing with Graviton: Y!

Weight: 65.15g
Material: 7068 AL
Diameter: 55.33mm
Width: 47mm
Gap width: 4.52mm
Axle: M4*10mm
Pads: 19.2*14.2*1.2mm
Bearing: Concave bearing