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Introducing the Graviton, the first ever player signature yoyo and 7068+ titanium ring from yoyofriends. The Graviton is the signature yoyo of Tony Sung. Graviton utilizes the titanium ring's unique weight distribution to glide through the air easily, while still keeping the bimetal power and stability when pushed. The wide catch zone makes landing your hardest tricks easier. Graviton is the yoyo designed by Tony that suits his style perfectly, a yoyo that can handle his mind-blowing, high-risk tricks. Tony and us hope you enjoy the Graviton and play risk!

Material 7068+titanium rings
Weight 64.7grams
Diameter 55.35mm
Width 47mm
Gap width 4.43mm
Axle M4*10mm
Bearing Concave
Pads 19.2*14.2*1.2mm
The box contains 1 x yoyo
1 pairs x pads
1 x string
1 x graviton sticker
1 x yoyofriends sticker
1x titanium axles(M4*10mm)