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One of our goals for yoyofriends in 2022 is to continue to explore and master all kinds of materials that can be utilized in making a yoyo. Like the Magnesium Cloudstrike, Brass and Copper Hummingbird to Titanium rim Graviton this year. This time we will tackle our most expensive and hardest material yet, the Damascus Steel. Making Damascus yoyo has been a rollercoaster of a journey for us much like the magnesium cloudstrike, but the end result is worth it. We will do whatever it takes to push the manufacturing boundaries of yoyos and will continue to innovate in the future. Damascus plays light and flowy. It has a special feeling as the material of the Damascus is more dense than the outer titanium ring while being powerful. It also didn't lose that bimetal property of power and stability due to the large titanium rim design. A yoyo that is an art but completely functional and can handle all the tricks by professional players.

Damascus pre order is here!
Preorder time window: From 11/10 8PM EST to 11/25 8PM EST.

Damascus Content:
1. yoyofriends real leather bag(2 hole pack)
2. Moon rock white Aluminium alloy Damascus as the showcase
3. Install with Spingear NSK bearing
4. Damascus Certification X 1
5. The letter”Damascus”logo will on the rim
6. Pre-sale price: $649.99
Frist deposit: $195, final payment $454.99
7. Official price:$799.99USD

We will start the production on Nov 26th.
Estimated finished date is around 11/26 2022 to 02/15/2023

PS:Damas will have 2 payment links (first time payment and second time payment), coupons can only be used at the first payment
If you want to use coupon on Damascus order, please use it in this link!

It is not acceptable to refund deposit after preorder end(It is available to refund deposit during the period of preorder if you want to cancel order)
Material Damascus+Titanium rings
Weight 63.2grams
Diameter 54.95mm
Width 42.96mm
Gap width 4.45mm
Axle M4*8mm
Bearing Spingear NSK bearing
Pads 19.2*14.2*1.2mm

The Story Of Damascus