Yoyofriends Black Friday Mystery Boxes

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  • 通常価格 $59.99

The first mystery box contains B-grade monometal + B-grade bimetal. 

P.S: In order to let more people enjoy it, each person is limited to purchasing two.

The second mystery box contains A-grade new mystery monometal + A-grade new mystery bimetal + B-grade monometal.

PS: A-grade bimetal is our 7th-anniversary yoyo, which is an outer ring 7068+SS yoyo. A-grade monometal is a compact organic yoyo made for fun and everyday carry
B-grade bi-metal yoyos cover vultures 、peregrine、 hummingbirds 、tachyon and baryon.
B-grade monometal yoyos cover KOI、magpie 2.0、shortcut、dove、sunbird.