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Baryon is the special 6th anniversary yoyofriends yoyo. It has compact size with no compromises in performance.
Following the footstep of the Vulture, Baryon features a 15g+ stainless steel inner ring that adds power and stability even in its compact form. Baryon is the everyday carry that can handle all you tricks with ease.
Baryon is a composite subatomic particle. Which aligns with the size of the yoyo. Baryon also participates in strong interaction, the strongest of the four fundamental forces. This aligns perfectly with the performance of the yoyo.
Finally as a thank you to the yoyo community for the amazing support, Baryon's pricing is as low as possible. Cheers to yoyofriends 6th anniversary and cheers to more years to come!

Diameter 51.85mm
Width 42.18mm
Gap Width 4.33mm
Weight 64.8g
Material AL6061+SS