Tiss hummingbird

Tiss hummingbird

Hi there!

At the end of 2021, when we were thinking detailed business planning next year, we were thinking deeply which old model yoyos should be back in 2022 and we should bring which new model yoyos. Our team highly recommend tiss hummingbird back. Jacky is afraid of starting tiss hummingbird again because it was a difficult and challenging project. However, after the high customer demand of the yoyo, we are happy to announce the return of the tiss hummingbird.

About tiss hummingbird, In 2018 right before the world yoyo championship, we wanted to create a yoyo that fully pushes our manufacturing capabilities, using the most premium materials, doing the hardest colorway. We implemented that idea into our legendary hummingbird. A timeless design that is  considered to be one of the all time greats. Thus the TISS hummingbird was born, it is also the frist one titanium yoyo on yoyofriends lineup!

We wanted the best of the best so we chose grade 5 titanium for higher tensile strength and ultra thin walls, enhancing the property of the original hummingbird with rainbow SS rings, one of the hardest colorways to make on stainless steel. A never before seen rainbow body that gives the yoyo its unique colorway. TISS hummingbird has the play of hummingbird but with enhanced titanium feel and more power, a yoyo meant to be played on that can handle all your hardest and longest combos. TISS hummingbird is truely a testament to our design and manufacturing capabilities, what is the best we can offer for now.

To spice up and celebrate the return of tiss hummingbird, our team took a period of time to discuss the project, bringing in more ideas on what we can offer to enhance the tiss hummingbird experience even more. Thus introducing the Aluminum version of the yoyo that will be included in the tiss humming package for showcase and collection. 
The aluminum version of the tiss hummingbird has the same design, 0.5mm wall thickness, no changes in appearance. This is a new territory for us as we venture into the ultralight bimetal yoyo. Which we found out a lot of the people are a fan of. People liked the original run's wooden box packaging, and we strive to match or even up it this time. New packing will now be using yoyo bags made out of real leather, that perfectly protects the two yoyos with style.
This project will start as a pre order, and we are announcing the pre-order date and time window soon. Stay tuned!