The Story of Ti sunbird

The Story of Ti sunbird

Hey guys!

Do you miss tiss hummingbird?

A lot of people wondering whether we will make second run after it was displayed at WYYC 2018.Actually, we keep this request in heart and it takes us about 3 years to revise drawing and test prototypes time after time. We are excited to announce that our Tisunbird will be coming out soon!

I have to say that it is a very difficult process for us,less than 0.5mm thick, super super thin wall and much weight concentration on rims...
That is similar just like feeling of humingbird. But we are happy for we made a perfect product come out finnaly after repeated attempts.
In order to ensure the high-quality requirements of yoyofriends,it needs to be used increased 15mm length materials.It is best way to make sure high precision that make the inner hole and bearing seat can be confirmed one-step forming.
We repeatedly use the dial indicator to test the deformation in the process of debugging just to make sure yoyo be stable.
So we prepared more raw materials to start the Ti sunbird, and the material loss of both rough machining and finish machining were still way over our budget but it's worth it!

What we must take into consideration is how to mostly guarantee the concentricity and deformation of products. We need try many times the machining technology and methods,and I guess this processing method cost may be the highest. 


The work of this project is still continuing... 

Titanium is not easy to process so there are many unexpected conditions and we need try to deal with this defective surface. If polished by hand, it may cause 0.5mm deformation or burn due to exceedingly high temperature. We have tried many ways and many times, those issues are solved eventually. So gorgeous surface! 

Polishing or Blasting? It took long time for us to thinking it. .we always want to bring better experience to our clients so we tried . It now appears that our decision is correct.What’s more, we took the method of masking bearing area to do beadblasting, so that they can make sure the safety of string.

Meanwhile, the most important things are assembly and strict testing, each yoyo should be in good performance.

Testing,testing again testing, which I really fallen in love this feeling. After 4 years, I found the feeling of humingbird again, that’s so fantastic! thank you. Tisunbird, everything is perfect. 

Can’t wait for the Ti sunbird, do you expect it like me?

Thanks guys!