The story of the gyrfalcon

The story of the gyrfalcon

In 2022, with many hardships and challenges, we finally mastered the manufacturing of magnesium yoyos. However the ultimate goal was not to stop there. It is to combine magnesium in conjecture with another material, like MgSS. Magnesium has a unique property of low density while still being metal, perfect to combine with another high density metal to create a light body, ultra rim weight yoyo with a unique feel. After requests from our customers, we decided to take the challenge and go all out. 

In 2021, we collaborated with RSO to create a TiSS with side effect yoyo, called the Droid. Droid was somewhat a breakthrough in creativity and manufacturing. We want to specially thank Elvin, we were honored to collaborate with him and learned a lot. 

The MgSS started with inspiration from the Droid, we thought of implementing a side effect system on the MgSS to make it interesting. 

For the overall design of yoyo. We went with a classic V shape wrapped around rings. Signature design philosophy for fast acceleration and top speed.

 Combined with Mg's lightweight body, we can maximize SS rim weight and volume for performance.  We calculated the SS rim weight will be around a whooping 73% of the total weight, we are really doing something insane here. 

For the Side Effect, we have many choices from our past experience 

                                                               energy domes (as seen on the Droid)

                                                                         flatcaps (as seen on the Alliance) 

                                                                ultralight-se (to max more rim weight) 

 In the end, we picked the spike, we think it suits the Mgss Design more, aggressive V shape matches with the angular


Trying something new isn't always successful, sometimes you face unknown challenges. During machining and assembly, the side effects give us a lot of trouble. The yoyo vibes and is not up to our quality standards. However at this point we have already finished manufacturing the body, rim and brought side effects. If we stop here, it will be a massive loss. 


As you might have seen on how we conquered Mg yoyo with Cloudstrike, we will not simply just give up. After thinking, we have decided to ditch the side effects altogether and make another prototype. 

This time, we have the prototypes heavily tested by our player team leader, Philip, who has a hand in developing multiple yoyofriends yoyos and our player Ryota, world famous yoyoer who finaled in AP yoyo championships.

From their discussion and feedback, we found out that the yoyo is stable and powerful, but it feels too sluggish and hard to accelerate, this is not a predominant characteristic in our history of fast playing bimetals. We feel the design lacks something, so we put a pause on this project once again and went back to square one on the design. 

During this time, we are in the process of testing out different revisions of peregrine. The entire yoyofriends player team took part in design ideas on improving the peregrine. We thought, why not base the MgSS design on the peregrine and implement all the ideas from the team into the yoyo? 

We designed the MgSS yoyo based on Peregrine Rev.1 with multiple upgrades from the ideas of our players. We also implemented an aluminum ring insert at the response area to create a response bump that is not only great for rejection and snag prevention but also minimize the string wear around the response area. 


The prototype 3 is tested heavily once again by team leader Philip, Ryota and Tony (designer of one of our best performing yoyos yet, Graviton). They all loved it and were blown away by the performance. We also brought the prototype to the 2023 WYYC in Osaka Japan and met with great impressions.

The gyrfalcon is nimble, fast playing and very easy to control, just like the peregrine Rev.1. It has more power and stability from the original peregrine and even the Peregrine Rev.1 with newly tweaked weight distribution and light Mg body, combined with new center cup design and aluminum response inserts. It is a holy trinity of performance, appearance and uniqueness. 

We also mastered a new Mg colorway, black. 

(PS:Pls note that the surface of black gyrfalcon have  small flaw.)

Finally, the original version of the MgSS with SE is still here, because of the vibration problem, we canceled the plan to sell them, however we will not let them go to waste so every gyrfalcon will come with a MgSS with SE as a gift. 

(PS:For the MgSS with side effect addon yoyo, we will prioritize the quality of the surface first. We do not gurantee the quality, vibe nor performance.  )

We named the yoyo gyrfalcon because we can slightly feel it is the sequel to Peregrine and it has more power and stability   Gyrfalcon is a very similar species compared to the peregrine falcon with a larger, wider wing with a distinctive colors of white and black. 


This MgSS project started in March of 2022 and it's been a year and a half. We hope you enjoy our ultimate combination of performance, material use and manufacturing!

The Gyrfalcon will drop Sunday, Oct 8th, 2023 8 PM EST

Material: Magnesium w stainless w AL
Diameter: 56.15mm
Width: 46.97.00mm
Gap width: 4.48mm
Weight: 64.4g
Bearing: NSK bearing
Price:419.99USD/ set

The packing contains:

1 x Gyrfalcon
1 x 1st prototype with Side effect
1 pairs x pads
1 x string
1 x Gyrfalcon sticker
1 x yoyofriends sticker
1 x Certificate1X Genuine leather bag