The Story of Peregrine X

The Story of Peregrine X

Peregrine X

Bearing: Concave

The Peregrine X will drop Tuesday, June 18th, 2024 8 PM EST!


The story of the Peregrine X starts with the original Peregrine. The Peregrine was an idea drafted by team back in 2018, an ultimate competition yoyo that can follow up to the legendary yoyofriends hummingbird. In 2019 and 2020, Peregrine became fruition with specs gathered and discussed by all the yoyofriends team and design actualized by the yoyofriends design team. Classic 7068+Stainless Steel design, simple aesthetic with performance in mind, made for the ultimate yoyo for stability, acceleration and speed back in the day, a yoyo finally worthy to be called a flagship after the hummingbird. We picked the name Peregrine because it is among the highest performing avians with insane diving speed and agility, perfectly matching the yoyo's performance. 

Yoyoing is ever evolving and the player's demand for high performance goes up and up. We think in 2023, the original peregrine, although still great, slightly lacks power and control in long zoning situations. We want to update the design abit as an experiment. We were also one of the sponsors of the 2023 World Yoyo Contest in Osaka, Japan. We have a booth that can let yoyoers all around the world to try this project. We shaved a total of 3g off the 7068 body of the yoyo, then proceeded to add them and then some to the stainless steel rim for more power and stability. We made around 20 Peregrine Revision 1 prototypes and brought them to worlds and shipped them to the yoyofriends player team. It was met with positive reviews at the world yoyo contest. However, the player team thinks although the power and stability did indeed increase, the burst of acceleration and top speed was equally lost, It might be somewhat better but after heavy testing between the original peregrine and the revision 1, there is just not enough improvement to warrant the revision 1 as a full on production yoyo. 


This project was put on hiatus for abit till we begin to see the trend in yoyo designs once again. High risk and scoring zoning tricks are becoming more and more common and the competition yoyos are going wider and wider. This is to help the yoyoer land into the yoyo whatever the orientation and plane the yoyo is in. The original peregrine and the revision 1 at around 46mm is no longer even considered wide, maybe even now slightly narrow in high zoning comp situations. The yoyofriends discussed together to make the yoyo 48+mm wide and also increase the gap width to 4.52mm for better string stacking and the popularity of whippier, thicker strings for slacks. To get to that width we widened the outer stainless steel ring, to combat the loss of stability due to the yoyo becoming much wider, we added more rim weight, making the yoyo almost 66g. After 2 months of testing, the result is a massive improvement on catchability, power, stability and control but at the loss of acceleration and speed. The yoyo does not feel like a peregrine with insane diving speed and agility anymore. 

 To combat the heaviness, we need to decrease the weight so the speed and acceleration is almost up to par with the original peregrine while keeping the significant increase in power and stability of the current revision. We have decided to slightly narrow the rim and decrease the rim weight and keep the yoyo weight just around 64g. Still having the yoyo width at around 48mm and keeping the massive overhang rims that pushes the weight distribution to the extreme. 


This Rev.3 peregrine is finally it. The whole team really loves the upgrade over the original peregrine, the power, control, stability, catchability and string presence has drastically increased. Making it finally worthy of being the successor of the original peregrine. 



The naming was inspired by Beyblade, Beyblade X, the newest series with all new launchers and Beyblades. The Beyblades are made of all metal and spin a lot more aggressively and faster than the traditional Beyblade Burst. This inspired us to suggest the name Peregrine X as the newest yoyo is much more aggressive in terms of power and string presence.


We hope you enjoy our newest Bi-metal flagship, Peregrine X, an upgraded version of our classic and a yoyo finally worthy after many testing and revisions!